Thursday, 4 February 2010

Morning train....

07.30 and I'm at Temple Meads again for a train out. This was so on
Tuesday and will be so again on Friday.

The train shown here goes all the way to Edinburgh and I will pick it
up in 24 hours for a ride to a meeting in Birmingham. After the
meeting I may have a nose about at Selfridges and a look at massive TV

My brother has been with me a few days this week and has now flown
out; should be wheels down in Hong Kong any time now, in fact.


Suburbia said...


Oh I waaaaaaaaant to go to look at big TV's!

D'ang said...

But will it be the same train or just the same service? Of course you will be checking the train number and name.

Flight to HK ok. Pilot seemed to know the way. Quick, too, only ten and a half hours. But then of course the plane is going downwards towards China so it's quicker.

Suburbia said...

Just had to come back and watch the train vid again!!!

D'ang, did it have it's likkle eyesy piesies open when you landed, or was it a very tired little plane by then?