Friday, 2 September 2016

Further Sweetmart larks. Akash saving.

It's another post about an entertaining trip to The Sweetmart!

Of late I have eaten a good deal more rice and dhal (lentils) and for a couple of top ups, I purchased in small quantities, but now that these are staples in my repertoire, I have moved to economy-of-scale purchasing. Today it was rice! 

Decent Basmati rice in the supermarket is about £4.50 per KG at top-up rates, but in bulk at the Sweetmart, it is a satisfying £1 a go. I did a bit of research yesterday as the larger bags are not individually priced, but there was loads of useful PoS, and of course the ever friendly and chatty team. Here it is - rice for, oh, I am not sure, about a year's worth of cooking! I have checked out the shelf life, and for rice it is indefinite. 

I also purchased these grand plum tomatoes which just made their way into my breakfast bacon sandwich. 

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