Monday, 12 September 2016

Busfest 2016. It's a VW thing...

This weekend was Busfest 2016, an event dedicated to all things VW. Now, this is not normally my scene, although in fairness it is by no means at all far from it! I attended with Jemma and we went along because the event was at The Three Counties Showground, 35 minutes from Ma and Pa and the scene of previous contented attendances. 

It was worth our while going because friends of Jemma’s were there all weekend and they came about 500 miles from way north of Aberdeen. Thus it was local enough for us to go that short Herefordshire hop and meet up! 

Jemma’s friends Sonia and Mick came along in Brian, the red chap pictured here and named after (for his slight ponderousness) Brian the Snail of Magic Roundabout fame. They very much are into the scene…Brian is an ex-command vehicle who worked as  a mobile command-scene unit in Germany in the 1980s. He rolled off the line in December 1984.

We met Brian, I met Sonia and Mick for the first time, and together we saw loads and loads and loads of VW stuff, including spare parts, wheels, sprockets, carpets, interiors, seats, services and fully restored VW campers with asking prices north of £70,000! Oh, and a Great Dane or two. It was a right caper and a really happy scene with everyone keen to help a fellow VW spod,  and all attendees open and welcoming to those not of the scene. I would not go every year but I am very glad I went along at all.

Here are some pictures of the day and a video of Brian doing his thing! It is illegal to motor along the Queen’s highway with Blues if you are not a bone fide emergency vehicle so Brian has motorway socks for his blue lights (truly!)

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