Wednesday, 7 September 2016

A Post about Herbs, Part II.

Turmeric is  bright and yellow and staining and ever present in the BS5 box of herbs and spices. I love cooking with it in all sorts of things, but most often for dhal, Bombay potatoes and anything that even has a hint of becoming a curry!

It is a bit of a worldwide spice and is present in nearly all Iranian  khoresh dishes, many Moroccan dishes and tons of vegetarian dishes all over South East Asia. The Americans pronounce it 'Choomeric' and probably think it grows in Kansas. Anyhow, I enjoy having it in the larder and what with it being so colourful, I decided on a radical move from the packet to its very own Kilner Jar. 

This particular jar housed home-made piccalilli in previous days, though the piccalilli is gone (and missed) and the jar washed and cleansed right through. It is on display all bright and yellow.

So here it is - a second on-the-trot all action herbs and spices video!

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