Wednesday, 24 August 2016

All change on the road to BS5

Brexit means Brexit said the Primeminister in July. Would that put everything on hold for the UK economy and BS5's small contribution towards it?

Now I do not have access to the current PM so instead, I had a cup of tea this week with my local Estate Agent Jon who sold this house to me back in the day. He happened to be walking past as I was perched on the wall cleaning my shoes and in one of those easy catch-up moments, I invited him in for a cup of tea after he had finished valuing number 57.

The valuing task is one that has increased enormously these last six months; there was but a pause of a week for the Brexit result to sink in (Bristol as a whole voted remain) and then the forest of For Sale signs kept on with its incessant march along my road. The valuation numbers are not of themselves super-massive (in a city-wide context) but they have more than doubled during my tenure, and most of that growth in just the last year.

Six houses of the ten I can view from my front wall have turned over this year alone - about £1.2 million pounds' worth right there. There have been six more at the other end of the road. Incoming neighbours are all about the age I was when I bought this house and they still move here because it is more affordable than other city zones but the game is just £100, 000 more expensive if you are playing it today.

There is a telling sign of the gentrification of my road: a decade ago, folks putting stuff out at the front of the house (very BS5) disposed of generationally used twin tubs - today they still put stuff out but this barely used flatscreen TV, seen only this morning, tells you all about the change.

On it goes.


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