Sunday, 21 August 2016

Sniffing courses and the inquisitive cows of Wellow.

This weekend was an active one for us both and for Boris the Basador.

I finished my Friday tasks and  drove from BS5 to Jemma's in Bath. We had dinner together and some TV Olympics ahead of a busy weekend.

On Saturday after morning walkies and the usual larks in fields near home, Boris hopped into the back of the car to attend a scent course at Kelston just outside the city. This is the location for Avon dog services - before I knew him, Boris had his puppy training there. Saturday offered a course to teach your hound to sniff things out, both with and without assistance. I thought it might be academic as little old Boris can sniff a treat at about a light year out, but he learned plenty, and of course much of it was about the dog owner looking out for signs of behavioural change in the hound too. We met five other hounds but none was a inquisitive as B-man. HE scored throughout the course and the advanced class beckons!

On Sunday with his nose at the ready, we walked a six mile circuit from the village of Wellow taking in Combe Hay, cows, fields, churches, 'property porn' (being nosy!)  and a refresher at the pub when the route was complete. Happy days.

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