Wednesday, 3 August 2016

886 at 300 LPM.

What a bonus start to the day here at Ma and Pa's - a delivery into the oil tank! I heard the beeping selection of reverse from the oil tanker at 07.25 and didn't want to miss a bit. As well as recording it for myself, two readers in Spain also like a good oil tanker and know it when they see one. Here's the post! 

I met the driver as he declined a brew and asked me where he should back up as he had not delivered to the village before. He told me he usually supplies farms and stand alone rural locations and had already filled two tanks this morning with about sixteen more drops ahead of him . We had a chat as he slung the pipe over the fence and opened the top of the tank to suss the job.

Inevitably I asked a couple of geek questions and soon found out the tanker holds 12000 litres and disgorges it at 300 LPM. The tanker has a litre counter so I looked to see the amount and it had unloaded 886 litres which took around about 195 seconds! The product is called Econotherm. 

A most entertaining morning! 

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