Sunday, 12 October 2014

Sunday in the park with Greg

With thanks to Georges Seurat for the title, here is a post about Sunday.

I am leaving BS5 this morning to stay with my brother and sister in law. Their house puts me in decent proximity of a new job that I start in the morning.

Whilst my new Area is fine for living in Bristol, my new head office is in Buckinghamshire, so I want to be there in good time on day 1, hence  completing most of the journey today. I will catch a Paddington train shortly and meet up. Our afternoon plan is a doggie walk in Windsor Great Park - a new venue for me and I will blog about it later.

Here is my desk as I leave - I am nervous about tomorrow and excited too - 5:95 in that ratio. I gave of my best in the interview and they readily offered me the job, but tomorrow it starts for real!

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