Sunday, 19 October 2014

Please say hello to Yolanda.

I have not had occasion to post an entry like this one in the 7 year, 4 day, 1243-entry history of BlogBS5.

In all that time, I have delighted in owning VX52, my faithful, reliable and much loved Mercedes Benz. VX52 (a he) is solid and well put together. He has  been with me longer than my blog and he and I have notched up 91,000 miles all over the place and with beloved passengers along too.

Now, however, in October 2014, I have landed a new job. I have left the RSPB and moved on to become an Area Manager for this firm: Rohan. I have twice as many stores to look after across roughly the same geographical region.  The role is on probation for three months, and then moves to permanence. Fair enough and quite the norm these days.

I have a company car with this job. Three years old but new to me, and only three years old because it makes sense for my firm to allocate an 'old' car my way until they and I decide if this gig is permanent; at that point a newer one heads to BS5.

So, in the meantime, please meet Yolanda.

Yolanda hails from Liverpool and she has rather hussy-like red brake-callipers.  To be perfectly honest she is a bit racy, at the top end of her model range (a VRS) and pretty fast. VX52 is unsure...

I have to confess I had driven Yolanda 140 miles before I realised she had a sixth gear (oops). She's a diesel, as sporty as they come and if you get at her , she can really belt along, although thus far I have honestly not exceeded 71 mph in my opening 300 miles. Of course, like any good woman, she has plenty of torque.

Here she is with VX52 looking on in the last shot.  I should sell VX52 (reluctantly) but may just hold on, in case three months is the end of the line! I hope he doesn't hold a grudge towards me and I trust semper fidelis  will top out until I have to move him on.


Di Nicholson said...

She looks very racey ;) fingers crossed that 3 months is not the end of the line #punintended

BS5 Blogger said...

Hey fantastic...welcome to the portal of Bristol foolishness; I know you have been a reader awhile, but welcome to the comments section anyhow! Thank you.