Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Half way through.

Tonight I am blogging at my Mac, half way through this Monday-Friday between jobs.

It has been an interesting week of emptiness, but also full of fine things to do with lots of space to think about them.

Today I submitted final RSPB expenses, totalling around £700, mostly deployed on train fares. I took a suit to the dry cleaners, I had my hair cut (asking for more off, once I put my specs on again) and I cooked dinner which went down very well indeed. I also worked right through my kitchen cupboards, tidying them up, replacing lining paper and squaring stuff away.

A moment ago I looked at my desk, so often full of work things pertinent to the next day and a train to somewhere, but tonight on hold awhile.

I like that. I like the shadow of the wine glass too. Most of all I like my collection of train tickets, a goodbye card from the last gig, and the wooden holder for my cufflinks, a gift from leaving the office three jobs ago.

I think I am content.

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