Friday, 10 October 2014

Mundanities , indulgences and a Mercedes.

This is the last weekday of my week off between jobs.

I have been a busy chap today, driving to and from a nearby hospital to take a good pal for his check up and appointment (all seemed well) and to collect him again a couple of hours later.

Once I had completed that errand I had a bit of time just to lark about on my own and to drive my car for the pleasure of it.

I visited Cribbs Causeway, a retail outlet not too far from BS5. New jeans, (decent leg length at Gap), new handkerchiefs for work, and a new belt, and also a new fountain pen having left mine on a train ages and ages back and wishing for one since. I made the lady in John Lewis blush by going back to her later in the trip and thanking her for her excellent service on buying a Cross Fountain Pen, and next to a colleague who happened to be her boss too! She was grateful for my feedback and it felt good to make someone's morning. Always nicer to say thank you than to complain.

After that, it was the mundanity of Morrison's for flour, fish, new shoe polish and dull old laundry items. But then....!  I drove towards home and called in at the Mercedes garage to try out a £124,000 S-Class. It was terrific. I sat in the front with adequate room and then tried the back which was still enormous. I am buying one if my ticket comes up, but not the AMG model I sat in; Mercedes will sell you one for a more modest £77,000 and that one returns 50.2 mpg!

Here is the view from the back seat of a £124,000 vehicle. Below that, my new fountain pen.

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