Saturday, 28 June 2014

A post about sticks and swine. Post 1200!

Last weekend my brother and I took our older brother's hounds for a long walk. We were staying in Herefordshire and nipped over the border into Gloucestershire and the Forest of Dean. We visited a good walking spot called Speculation, in the Cannop Valley.

The walk is based around old railway lines built to service mines (the digging out sort, not the kaaabbboooom type) .

Just as we started out, I heard some careful snuffling and foraging about and to my delight, this magnificent wild pig emerged just going about her business. She was about three times the size of Quaddy (the black labrador in the video). Amazingly the dogs did not even get a sniff of her but when they barked, she just trotted away to another part of the forest. You can just about see her here.

Later in the walk it was the usual blend of sticks, barking, finding water to sit in and general gooning about. And digitalis digitalis.

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