Sunday, 15 June 2014

Potato Rosti...could do better.

Today I was taken with the idea of making a potato rosti.

I had a couple of spuds left and they were coming to  the end of their usefulness, so I went for it via a quick You Tube tutorial first. You Tube is great for that sort of thing.

Armed with a knife, a grater , an onion, butter, cumin and some bacon I set out on course. If I'm honest it was a fail and I wouldn't have served it to a guest, but the taste and the principle is in the bag for next time.

Didn't squeeze enough starch out and made the rosti too thick. Enjoyed it though!

Prep' stage

Shredding potato and onion

Making the rosti

And hereafter it went a bit Pete Tong!

Next time?

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