Sunday, 1 June 2014

The Lock and Weir for trains and beer.

Having taken a long ride yesterday, neither of us had particularly planned to do so today. However, the sun came out nice and early and it stayed and the day was made.

Different route today but towards Bath in the end, just like yesterday.

Today my bro' and I  headed out along the river Avon path towards The Lock and Weir pub, a route I used to do regularly with old BSFivers (Walshy, Mrs Walshy, Bag and Seamus).

This took us out of Barton Hill, through St Annes and Hanham on onwards towards Keynsham (the factory shown here is the old Cadbury place, soon to become 700 houses).

We arrived at The Lock and Weir at half eleven, some time before it opened so we went on a little bit and then circled back for a pint of Otter.

A really enjoyable ride with a mix of  easy paths, sliding mud, horses, dogs, ducks, trains and ale.

The plan mid week is to get to the other side of the river and get closer to the railway line.

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