Monday, 23 June 2014

The wood pile

My parents' superstar neighbours are moving house :-(

This is a real shame as they are the best neighbours a couple could have. It is also sad because the move has been rather prompted by rapaciously money-grabbing folks in the village creating  havoc converting a barn just nearby. Loads of stress, noise, invasion of privacy and unfriendliness.

In helping them move, and ahead of my brother's wedding (of which, more soon) we were in the village this weekend. My bro' and I helped the neighbours relocate their mahoosive wood pile to the new village. Three chaps in a van unsupervised. Here are some action shots and some wood pile progress. I'd say we hand balled a couple of tons in and out of the van on a 24 degrees Friday. It was great fun with a sense of satisfaction.

Toby the  dog liked taking stuff OUT of the van just when he could reach it after we had put it in!

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