Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Tired and high!

Here's today's Blog BS5 from Spain!

Drove to the lower parts of a high mountain today then walked three
hours and 800m up. Last part was about 35 degrees steep and like
climbing sheer stairs. What a view at the end though!

The mountain is called Maroma and there's a longer walk up it on
Thursday, starting at the halfway point of today's ascent. My guide
and long term pal Andy says if I was fine today, the ascent is well
within me too, so I may have a go.

Hope you're all well there!


Suburbia said...

Great view!

Thought you were taking the short route on Thursday? Perhaps you should reconsider? It will still be the same view after all!! Or am I missing the point?!

Dog looks not in the least tired!

Fat, frumpy and fifty... said...

lovely view!

more satisfying and painful Sub!!

D'ang said...

You should go all the way up the gert big 'un. Only the dishonored fail to do this, patak-boy..