Saturday, 23 January 2010

Coming home a total of 969 miles

Coming home a total of 969 miles on the plane at 560 mph and a height
of six miles! I love it when the Captain on a flight comes over the
mic' with a quick update and some top-fact action!

I am writing this six miles high over Madrid but will have to send it
once back on terra firma in good old Bristol.

I have a book with me about the aftermath of two planes smashing into
the World Trade Center; not the wisest choice and a couple of glances
have been put my way.

It's been a top-smart week and all told I walked 42 miles and
experienced ascent and descent of 1000m.

Out of the window I have just seen a plane pass under us and for some
reason of height, perspective and speed this viewpoint always shows
the terrific progress of a jet that you don't appreciate from the

All in all this is a fine flight save for the slight discomfort of so
many Brits sporting a copy of the Daily Mail.

Last fact: the Captain just came on to say we will land in 14 minutes
with 'just' 170 miles to go! I know a little car called Tickles that
approaches a run along the M5 in similar fashion...

Get in, what an enjoyable and gratefully received week!


Suburbia said...

Tickles can do FAR better than that! She retrieved you from the air port too :)

Fat, frumpy and fifty... said...

welcome home BS5....l do call that inappropriate reading on several levels, one would be that your neighbours would be reminded about possible scenarios and get pissed of quick....

in a word Dumbass!! lol

more photos...

D'ang said...

I wonder what the pilot's favorite bit of runway is?

Welcome back, spanner-boy!

BS5 Blogger said...

Well said, Saz but that's the Daily Mail for you!