Sunday, 17 January 2010


I am now in Spain on a week's walking holiday .

First full day today but I feel like I have been here ages because
Saturday was such a very long day after a 3am start to get here. (Had
an aiport lift from a fabulous volunteer - thank you BS9).

It is t shirt weather and hit 70 degrees today (or 19 in the modern

Today I have seen the first mountains of Africa across in Morroco.
Even though they are 130 miles away you can see them because they are
immense as are the mountains I viewed them from. I have also seen two
Emu and tons of horses and oxen!

This bridge was pretty smart as were the many churches so far today,
but the bridge edged it for blog inclusion. We had a gentle start with
a 7 mile walk.

If you care to know, I am near Malaga in the south of Spain and just a
touch back in from the coast and east of it.

More reviews tomorrow and a spectacular mountain view.

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Suburbia said...

Never thought of myself as a fabulious volunteer!