Thursday, 17 September 2009

Where the profit goes....

Today I have a team away day visiting a managed reserve owned by my

We are having a good old yomp about to see how it is maintained and to
reconnect with a typical destination for our profits made through
retail, memberships and other 'revenue streams'.

I'd sooner be on day job visiting stores and working with other
retailers but I know I will enjoy today and the reconnection point is

I encountered this top smart train on the way over from home!

I will try to take some snaps today from my nature visit in the east
of England.

For those keen on tiling: progress remains with all the potential it
had at the weekend!


Suburbia said...

Snaps of nature just don't compare with a fast train do they?!

(What tiling?)


Anonymous said...

I'm impressed that you've made it as far as tile PURCHASE - "do nothing immediately" is GHR's motto, and I suspect it may be a family trait...


BS5 Blogger said...

Sam, you know it makes sense! See you soon :)

cannwin said...

My kids loved that train. They made me play it over several times and commented on how fast it was.