Sunday, 13 September 2009


Hey there decorating fans!

After only three short years BS5 has reached stage 2 of bathroom
decoration! The walls are pretty much there but the floor has been
wanting awhile (36 months).

The man at Homebase said if I had any whole packets left I could bring
those back for a refund within 28 days .

28 days?!! This project is measured in years.

Best crack on with it I suppose and thanks to GHR for moral support
and assistance

On the domestic front downstairs I am making stock with the bony bits
of goat and some onions and herbs - soup to follow!


Baguette said...

Think I should point out it's actually more than 4 years since you started the bathroom, I know this because it was shortly after Bag and I met... I was in Turkey when project bathroom commenced!!

BS5 Blogger said...

That's a very valid point!

Suburbia said...

27 days and counting!

Suburbia said...

26 days and counting!!

Suburbia said...


(hee hee)

Baguette said...

have you finished it yet???

Suburbia said...