Friday, 12 June 2009

Baby, I was born Tehran...

It's Election day in Iran today and I reckon that's worth a Blog post.

My pal Winsto' was a stickler about Iran in the War and insisted it be referred to as Persia. He wasn't just being anachronistic but took the sensible precaution that someone might mis-interpret Iran for Iraq and bomb the wrong place. Sensible chap that WSC.

Anyhow, 65 years later it's Election day. 

Now I reckon that Mahmoud Afterdinnerspeaker is a bit on the mental side, and if he is replaced by a more moderate chap such as the former PM, then it's game time and my pal Barack O will swoop in for some dialogue.

Top stuff.

And those Iranian women are often a bit see it's not just constant sharp political analysis here at BS5.

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Suburbia said...

'Constant sharp political analysis'?! Hmm... that and fast train vids then!

Just (after a few readings) got the title, hee hee. So sharp here in BS9.

Beautiful pic.