Sunday, 21 June 2009

Jimmy B... S5.

While I was in Sainsbury's yesterday buying some Goats' cheese, a spatula and moo biscuits, I remembered an ad' I had seen in The Guardian (must have found it on the train...) telling me that Quantam of Solace, the 2-disc DVD was now half price at said retailer. I added it to the basket with not inconsiderable excitement.

I have just finished watching it, and you know what?

Jimmy B......just like me.

It's amazing really.

I have an MI6 sort of a dilemma now - stay home and watch the F1 (go Jenson!) or head for The Rhubarb and watch the much anticipated 'Barton Hill's got Talent' whereby several friends/locals/neighbours will do daft things on stage with everyone having a vote.

It's a tough break being a spy sometimes.

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Suburbia said...

I had heard that Jimmy B also buys spatulas in JS. I wonder what he does with his?