Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Weymouth and Botswana.

Today I have a relatively local store visit. It is local enough that I will be home and back in the day - an achievement for each day this week, in fact!

I am off to Weymouth in Dorset this morning - a pleasant beachy town and the setting for that book that was all the rage in 2007, 'On Chesil Beach'.

I may sneak in a look at the seafront as I am close to that whilst about my chores.

'WFH' tomorrow so I may blog a little then too.

It has been a very pleasant morning so far and the big, fat morning rain seems to have happened before my walk to the railway station - I got caught in it yesterday but I had Lummox's umbrella which I then left on the train to Cardiff - oops (mind you, he's in Botswana where I suspect the Umbrella market is not huge) .


Suburbia said...

I want to go to Weymouth (whiney voice....

Fat, frumpy and fifty... said...

Thanks R!! Yes that is moi...the scarf tahnks, but I always feel like a 70s porn star when I wear it like that...oooppss not tha I...oh never mind... foot n it!!

you are very busy these days huh? but at least you can satisfy your thirst for trains..!

BS5 Blogger said...

Saz, have you any pictures to illustrate this 70s porn star theme then?