Sunday, 26 April 2009


This weekend my mobile phone (well, 'phones' now that I have a work one too) has reflected many of the things for which I am 'truly grateful' as lunchtime Grace at school would have it.

I had messages from my friend Helen who came to stay because she was in a spot and needed a friend, I had emails via my Blackberry from my 'abroad' brother and I had lots of chat with England's finest Pilchard  - a Pilchard who, when I think about it has (and uses) my number, if only to secure cold pie - rather against the odds really, and that still surprises  and delights me!

Messages also from my vicar who is a consistent and fine sort, and messages from plenty of folks I am glad to know.

And just tonight I had really kind thanks from a pal in Israel to whom I sent the Arsenal score - she was really pleased to know this whilst on her hols!

Top stuff.

If anyone knows how to set up voicemail on a Blackberry Curve I'd be grateful to know. It's a great phone but came with no instruction manual. And can you download Doom for said same device?

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