Monday, 27 April 2009

All sorts of stuff and larks!

Today I have been working from home and in my new guise as an Area Manager, today was the first time there was some structure to it as I looked at sales and performance for stores over the last week and made sense of it. I enjoyed my day but I am not yet at full tilt, so in fairness it was an easy day. Busy ones will come.

I stopped and made lunch which was pretty fine according to my guest and her welcome review.

I also read about an ex BS5'er who hammered his thumb instead of the bit of cabling he was attending to.

After school was out, my TOP pal Steve texted me to say he had bought his USB/MP3 Turntable;  you connect it to the 'puter and it  lets you record your vinyl as an MP3 file. 

Honestly, he could not have been more excited if all of Charlie's Angels had turned up needing a bath and some help! I went round to have a look only to see the project hit the wall when it needed I Tunes. Now Steve isn't on line so this challenge resulted in some record breaking swearing. We ran down the road to my house and d'loaded the I Tunes installer at my house and on to a USB stick. 

Right now Steve is converting an Album by Ministry and he's a happy chap with 'Jesus built my Hotrod' soon to be an MP3 track.  Smart!

Dinner to follow for me and some evening TV then a couple of days on the road again.

A day of gratitude here in BS5

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D'ang said...

That's better. Keep it up there!

When you work from home, do you still put on a suit and tie, eh?