Thursday, 12 March 2009

Shanks and spod.

I have started going for a run again each morning before the day unfolds into whatever it is going to be.

There has been no fact to justify stopping this all through February and it's mad because I enjoy it when it is a regular habit. Anyhow, I have been out and about this week and my legs are pleasantly achy as a result. I will try to keep it up for the next week prior to a quick tour in Ireland before resuming work! I am back on 'the plank' after the run too.

My legs are thinner than this diagram suggests, and I am pretty sure on inspecting them that not all these muscles are present, which is why I am a bit gangly and often walk into stuff.

On the spod front I have been looking at Blackberry vids on You Tube prior to getting my own when work starts. They seem quite complicated! My friend Alaina says the Storm is a bit of good kit.


Anonymous said...

Hey! I'm on the front page of Spod Gazette!

BS5 Blogger said...

Cool! I bet that's a great front page lead.