Tuesday, 10 March 2009

News 24 and learning about birds.

It's been a smart day here in BS5 and I have been working hard on my bird skills prior to starting in my new role next month. The research has been rewarding today and I have a fine teacher indeed; I have learned quite a lot. I am getting to recognise some fine creatures.

I have also been watching News 24 a little bit and as it happened, my favourite presenter was on the air. I Googled her a bit and she's married to Jeremy Vine. The spawny get! I don't think Rachel Schofield would be everyone's cup of tea but I reckon she's a bit of a fox!

And get this for a right old X Files spookiness! I emailed my brother all the way across the planet in Manila to tell him I am having lamb chops for tea and he's at the same caper for his own. Amazing huh?

Blog BS5 - you have to love it!


Suburbia said...

It's that last sentence that 'did it' for me!(runs off giggling......

Fat, frumpy and fifty... said...

you are funny! lamb chops indeed, thats a fine meal..no one HERE CEPT FOR ME.

when doe sthe job start..l know youve told me once...but hey l'm stressed, lve been shopping with two teens, and was told to shut up twice...of course I paid..nuff said.

verfication is deleg..thats how l feel

BS5 Blogger said...

Hi FFF! I start on April 1st (ha!) with a week at the RSPB head office in Bedfordshire and after that it's store visits and the general day to day stuff of an Area Manager.

Lamb chops were fine indeed.

Why don't you trade in one of your teens for that Bose docking station you need and desire?!