Wednesday, 18 March 2009

HBTY and other stuff.

I am happy, exhilarated, grateful, excited and keen all in one rush of thoughts and emotions today.

This week I have been on the phone a good bit with my new line manager sketching out my first three weeks of work in my new role; I am being sent all over the country to look at stores, to help put together a new one that will be on my patch and to see regional offices, head offices, sanctuaries and distribution warehouses. It feels smart to be back in the game and I am grateful for it with a healthy degree of humility and a ready capacity for hard work.

Also it is my brother's birthday today so HB to him. When we were little chaps and I was 5 and he turned 10 just before I became 6 we were both excited as he was twice my age!

Tomorrow I am off to Co. Wexford, Ireland for a week's larks prior to my start in the new role. I am staying with Seamus a former BS5er in the village pictured.

It has been a sunny week in many ways and I have enjoyed time on the wall very much.

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Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to the brother! :-)

Enjoy your jaunt to Co Wexford... I'll be there soon! Well, not soon, but you know.