Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Irish employment.

These last few days in Ireland I have been a man about many a new task! In the final days of not working, I have had many things to do.

I have been a welder's mate whilst helping to change out a plough on a tracor (pictured). I have also watched the tractor ploughing and given my two penneth on that. I have been a bit of a farmer looking at the vast field pictured. I have also been a delivery driver, a runner to a hire business and a bit of a plant fitter too. I have also operated some hydraulic JCB equipment which was a complete lark.

In amongst the work there have been several small pints of Guinness whilst watching the rugby and several more in post game analysis. A great little break altogehter.

My brother's birthday today so HBTY,brother.


Anonymous said...

Proof positive that you can contribute to the world of agriculture. Evidence which should be presented to your father to give him the confidence that you CAN be trusted with a hosepipe. Or even a lawnmower.

D'ang said...

Steady on, Anonymous. A hosepipe, yes. A bird bath, even. But a lawnmower? The child is only 36. I think lawnmowing is still a few years off.

cannwin said...

That field reminds me of my home state of Idaho where potatoes are grown in abundance (we like to brag about it for some reason).

And then I thought, hey it's Ireland, it could be a potato field.