Wednesday, 4 February 2009

A little bit of politics.

Well I think Barack O is doing pretty well so far; he came right out and said it was his mistake with the nominations he has lost, and he is also going to hang in there a little with 'American goods first' in his stimulus package. Why shouldn't he do that (in the second matter) it's their dollar and jobs and it's not exclusively protectionist?

Okay, that's my sensible fix for the day: normal random blog stuff resumes shortly.


cannwin said...

What's the line running down the middle of his face in that picture?

I am rather happy about what he did with Guatanamo... although my husband isn't and gets a bit snippy with me if I say anything about it.

Not so sure about the stimulus package, since we don't exactly have the money to be handing out money, but if everyone does what they are supposed to do with it (spend it) then it should work the proper way. Problem is when people are worried about their jobs they tend to save money instead of spend it and that just won't work... it's a risky plan. IMHO

scargosun said...

I am happy with what he is doing. I am for the stimulus pkg and I am not a $500K Wall Streeter. I just want programs to continue to be funded rather than axed like the Republicans want.

BS5 Blogger said...

Cannwin - keep at it with the Guantanamo comments; closure has to be a good thing! I take your logic on the possible fact that the stimulus might all get saved, not spent!

Scargosun: all agreed, if he keeps getting stuff built and maintained, that has to get things going!

cannwin said...

Ooh I do like this cap he's putting on the salary a CEO can make if they want money for a bail out. Bravo! That's the first thing that should be cut if the company is in so much trouble.

Plus to verify I'm not saying that I'm against a stimulus package just that I'm not sure it's the best place to put the money. I really hope his infrastructure idea's pan out that's exactly the sort of thing that our country needs.