Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Air Spaz One.

Today I made some top smart progress on After Burner: Black Falcon on my PSP.

I have unlocked the second mission and *nearly* aced it today. There's a bridge at the end that you have to blow up (sacrilege!) and on my first 4 goes I flew smack into it and it was me who blew up, but then on the 5th go, a bit like Luke in Episode IV, I used the force, flew up to that bridge and popped a cap in its ass.

Top exploding action and it went down, and I flew through.

Alas in my excitement I failed to out-fly about 7 air to air missiles right after and I got toasted. Still, I know I can do it now, so Mission 3 is sure to follow.

My plane has stabilisers on it, so maybe I am not really playing at Top Gun level just yet.

All of this was a bit of a Brucey as I suddenly had a spare afternoon and used it very productively on the sofa.