Tuesday, 30 September 2014

The 17.15 home from Paddington- a train that beckons.

And so it is nearly here, this exit from a job I have enjoyed and succeeded at for five and a half years.

In my first year my charitable stores turned over £1.2m -  for the year that ended last F.Y  it was £1.5m. On many measures trends have improved. Across my tenure, the teams I support have made a direct charitable contribution of £1,849, 000 to our cause (plus a good slug extra since April '14 that will nudge it over £2m). Not too shabby and not a share holder or dividend in sight.

I have opened three, closed three, maintained a core of five and enjoyed low staff turnover, solid morale and very, very few customer complaints. I almost didn't go for it when offered the interview but wiser heads prevailed in my interest back then. Work has generally been a delight since.

My last day is a London handover later this week and I have a range of feelings about it. The train in and out will be more reminiscent of Paddington aged nine with my mother, than with work aged forty-two (on first arrival there 33 years ago I stopped and looked, and I knew I liked it for good). The London handover on Petty France will have integrity and that is down to hard work, humility, self-confidence  and a ready, easy capacity for articulate rapport earned gratefully at school.

I have learned a lot from a good Scottish boss, a hand-grenade English boss and an easy going last boss in place since 2012. I know a good deal more about the cause than when I started and I know a fair bit more about my own capabilities too, in many things. It was a good gig in which to turn forty just a couple of years ago.

These are the thoughts and pictures as the next, welcome gig comes along - on a horse as it strangely turns out. I bagged that one on the merit gained in this one.

Possibility, fulfilment and stretchy trousers beckon.


Suburbia said...

Great pics!

To Isengard and beyond!

BS5 Blogger said...

Thank you :-)