Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Free entertainment!

Today is Tuesday and I have a rare mid-week day off. The sun is shining. Bonus.

I was snoozing away at 08.00 am (unheard of) when KERRRRPPPPOW!, this crew arrived to unleash, noise, havoc and machinery in BS5. I had to move VX52 down the road and the fella who knocked the door to ask certainly didn't tickle the wood.

Anyhow, I moved the car, got a fast pot of tea on and for the last 45 minutes have been enjoying the noise and the hollering and the kit!

It reminds me of a visit to Shanghai in 2002 when my brother and I cracked out two beers and the kitchen chairs to watch some concrete pouring on a city street near his apartment. I think the Chinese construction dudes thought we were tapped...

Here's the scene in BS5. It is pretty entertaining stuff.

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