Saturday, 20 September 2014

South Stack, finish and pack.

This week I carried out final scheduled store visits in my current job. I have six working days left with the organisation across the next fortnight and most of that is Store cover for a local manager who is not at 100% fitness. After that I have time off and then adventures new.

So my last visits were in Wales where the majority of my 9 stores ply their trade. The one mentioned here was the very last and sits contemplatively on South Stick cliffs overlooking Ellen's Tower, South Stack lighthouse and many miles of sea all the way to Ireland. I have visited here once a month or so for three of my five years in post. Trade has grown and grown and grown as has profit, so between the team and I, we must be doing something right. Come rain or shine it is always spectacular.

I have seen puffins, chough, guillemot, razorbill, dolphins, seals, and the world's ONLY patch of Spatulate Fleawort (which must be more exciting than it sounds to someone, somewhere). I have also visited as a customer in family-holiday mode when I did such things. That was a good day with steps aplenty and laughter down to the lighthouse.

Here are the pictures from a terrific September visit that could easily have been......July.

And only ever July.

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