Friday, 12 March 2010


Today I helped BS9 move house and as of about three hours ago BS9 is
now BS7.

Any change in postcode references in this blog are thus explained and
not a sign of any duplicitousness!

I shifted a few boxes today and made myself generally useful.

Here is VX52 from the top floor of BS7's new house. He looks kinda
cool and symmetrical.


D'ang said...

Tho' the right hand mirror looks a bit skwashed. And is that tax disc in date, young man?

BS5 Blogger said...

It's valid for 18 days, fuckpiece ! :-)

dandelion said...

did mike help too? and are you feeling any better?

D'ang said...

See now there's a thoughtful chick. I forgot to ask. Yer, hope you'm's better.

Now it's 17 days. (And 17 long nights..)

Suburbia said...

You did much more than just being generally useful. Thank you.

(Yes Dandelion, Mike was a star!)