Wednesday, 24 March 2010

992 and Forty!

This is my 992nd post and it is all about 40!

Two years ago last week my elder brother turned 40 and today it is the turn of my middle brother to do the same.

He is forty today and now I am the only sub-unit in the thirties!

Anyhow, my brother who often comments here is the big old four-oh today and I suspect he will light a fire and look into it for a spiritual message from Khaless himself. He knows where to look, but BS7 reckons she can see Khaless in the viewing window of my bread maker. She is a wise woman mind you, so who knows?

Happy birthday, brother and see you at the end of the week for a Warrior's present!


D'ang said...

Indeed I did look into that fire.

Kahless told me 'You may be older in years but you are fewer in greys.'


Suburbia said...

There is no hope!

(Happy B'day D'ang, absolutely NOTHING wrong with being 40)