Monday, 8 March 2010

Long old day.

Long old day today.

BS9 stayed over last night and I cooked dinner for her.

We woke at 5.15 and it was my turn to make morning tea, which I gladly

Up and out of the house in good order, and with the bonus of a lift, I
was at Temple Meads for a touch before seven. Caught the 07.30
Edinburgh train and stayed on until Derby, then a local rattler to
Matlock. From there to my store and a useful day prepping for the year
end stocktake.

It's after 8pm now and I'm on the train home which is an Edinburgh
Plymouth service. I am riding from Derby to Bristol.

Home soon where the plan is a glass of wine, a bath and News Hour on
the World Service.



D'ang said...

I am not sure I'd dignify PG Tips with the name 'tea,' sunshine!

BS5 Blogger said...

That's because you is a cooooo'ant!

Arf arf :)