Thursday, 18 March 2010

And the crowd said Fuck!

At Birmingham for the 16.33 home. Got a fine seat too. Five minutes
and the train doesn't move. Ten minutes and an announcement that the
crew is not on board. Fifteen minutes and train abruptly cancelled.
Announcer said 'all change!' carriage kinda said 'fuck!' all at once
and together.

Alternative service in a handful of minutes for a train that will call
at Cheltenham on the way home and thus be full of pissed up racegoers
for the last bit.

Enough of a delay to buy 4 cold beers so hey-ho, really!


Suburbia said...

Join the crowd and be pissed up with them, great plan ;)

(Shed loads of people there, gosh)

cannwin said...

two things:

1)Pissed up? Is that like British for pissed off?

2)Imagine me in Brighton, it's chilly enough that I was regretting not having a stupid coat with me and I walk into the station to discover that their is a delay on the tracks because someone has been killed whilst trying to hop back onto the train somewhere near London. It was at least a 2 hour wait! I was sooo cold by the time I got back to my hotel that I stood in a scalding shower until it ran out of hot water then I crawled into my bed and swore I'd never go out again without a jacket.

The next morning the death was all over the news, it was really quite sad, but all I could remember was sitting forever in that train station!

BS5 Blogger said...

Hi Cannwin. Pissed up as in drunk.

Nice story in your comment :-)