Monday, 12 October 2009

A fine new bag.

Before my Dad retired from working he spent about a decade pootling
all over the world, teaching folks about journalism and news
management, typically in countries that had recently emerged into
democracy. He did work in Africa, India, China, Russia, Central
America and, oh all over the place.

Anyhow, he had a very natty travel bag to supplement a larger case. I
have been using the bag in my new role which involves lots of travel,
although none of it beyond the UK.

My Pa has asked if he could have his bag back for a holiday soon with
my Ma, and of course I am only too happy to do this because he was
kind enough to lend it to me. What I did not expect was my Ma and Pa
to then replace the loan bag with a new one, and pass the newer one
to me as a gift. I was happily bowled over but I would gladly have
kept the older one and given the new one to Pa but he and Ma would not
have it.

Here it is. It's a little cracker and I am very happy. Bag and I have
our first jaunt tomorrow into London and on out through the other side
to my head office.

Here's thanks to my kind and thoughtful folks!


Fat, frumpy and fifty... said...

what a lovely thing to do for you...and they kept the old one because it probably is one they cherish themselves...for reasons we shouldnt enquire of....happy hols mr mrs Bs5seniors..

Anonymous said...

that's adorable! Makes me want to hug someone. :-) I love surprise gifts (giving and getting)!