Saturday, 22 November 2014

Unboxing !

It is here!  For ages and ages I have reviewed, contemplated, tried-in-store and  considered an Iphone 6 plus. After many a pause in an Apple Store (at pretty much any city I have worked in that has one), today they were available to reserve and in good number. So I reserved one....

My Iphone 4s had not worked properly since the week before my brother's Stag do (June 2014) and it had a virtual home button only, meaning once the screen went to sleep I could only wake the phone up by plugging it in. That meant I had to switch off the sleep mode, and in turn that meant the battery lasted about as long as a suet ball once my resident crow has clocked it here in BS5.

So, off I went to the Apple shop at Cribbs Causeway on this merry Saturday off. I was pretty excited.

Now I am into Retail for work, and these fellas have it down. Service was flawless end to end; polite, knowledgeable, professional, courteous, fun, and in no hurry to move me on from the store until I was happy. Perfect in fact.  I also visited my phone provider to swap out to a sim only tariff. At Apple I took the massive plunge (largely the majority of my considered thought) and bought the phone outright, figuring that a much, much, much lower monthly tariff was a better deal in the long run.

Playing with it now, and here are some pictures from Store to home. 

I am not much of a one for design appreciation but each iteration of the Apple box is a keeper!

Happy chappy.

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