Friday, 21 November 2014

Shopping days, sprouts, car-jacking and country roads.

Man, I have not blogged in aaaaaages...

Three weeks is really the gap, but after a spurt of blogging delight this year, the mundanity of regular work has kicked in via my new job and I have been getting home zonk-out tired every day.

So here's a blog burst; a quick unloading of phrases as they occur to me tonight.

M&S Chocolate sprouts
Gambled spoons & games of cards
White roses
Home lilies
Dorset roads
Dry Requisite Trousers
Winchester ease
A zip pocket suit? FFS.
Shrewsbury pop up
A bit pissed in Cardiff
New TV!
Massive screen clarity
Comfort of Bath tobacco
Brother going to Spain
Bunny eighteen
Fixed vacuum cleaner
Feeling taller than I did three months ago (actual, not spiritual)
Nudging 12 stone again
Tractor theft in Los Santos
General theft in Los Santos
Earning immoral dollars in Los Santos
Sixteen bit Lolitas (Pete Tong)
Mac u'g to Mavericks
Apple TV
Yolanda 3800 miles already
Where to rest for Christmas?
Like using my fountain pen

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