Saturday, 19 April 2014

Bridge on the River Wye.

It is Easter weekend and having arrived here in Herefordshire on Good Friday, my brother and I made the most of the sunshine today. 

We put the roof rack bars on the car and then up ended the canoe onto them. Into Ross on Wye where Our pal Les dropped us off at the water.

Getting back into the water was like putting on a familiar old jacket; the skills, the training and the flashbacks kicked in from many a covert marine infiltration. We were on the water like naturals. Stealthy, covert, deadly.

Or in reality, criss crossing the river like a clueless pair of Eejits. Far too tall and high for the canoe and as stable as a giraffe on a a unicycle. I was at the back on rudder paddle detail but we pulled in after 500 yards to swap. My brother was excellent on the steering so I just provided the forward motion. We had a right lark and paddled for two hours. Great fun! 

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