Saturday, 5 April 2014

A decade of BS5 home-owning

In happier news than the post below, I have been in my house for ten years this week (it was a decade on Thursday).

This is Clarke who lives with me and will be familiar to you if you have visited before.

Here are ten things that cover ten years:

1 A missed game of poker with good people on moving in day (sorry Walshy)
2 The Seamus Butler whirlwind
3 Rooming with various BS5ers (Bag, Lummox (RIP dude)  and even my strange mate Tony who asked me if his mate could move in on his release from prison...for murder)
4 Wheeling a piano down the street while a pal played it
5 Fast response to decorating
6 Many hours just chillin' on the wall
7 Joy & potential in making second breakfasts for Suburbia
8 Walshy sent round to mine for a dump because someone was coming to view his house
9 Fessing up to my thing for trains
10 Noisy neighbours for about 7 years of the 10!

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