Saturday, 26 April 2014

A sense of self astonishment.

Today with the guidance and help of my wise pal Les, I have taken a significant role in an actual mechanical task!

I am not mechanically minded. I can speak and write with passing fluency but anything mechanical certainly pushes the envelope.

Today I assisted in changing the oil and the oil filter on VX52! I used the socket set and the ratchet to help undo stuff and I asked plenty of questions, keen to find things out. We drained the old oil after undoing the sump, we took out the old filter, even undoing some hoses to gain access, and then we topped the oil back up and the coolant. I reversed VX52 off the ramps, and the task was complete. I really was assistant only as I didn't have a clue. A gentle drive around the block to look for any warming lights, and a further test drive tomorrow just to ensure the oil level is sufficient. I am quite pleased I had a go!

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