Thursday, 27 May 2010

Idle, me?

Now it is well known that 'idle' is my delfault position when any other practicality is not close to hand.

Indeed it is a month today since I blogged, my longest gap ever in 999 posts and 31 months.

This is down to the aforementioned idle, but also dued to the fact that I can no longer send video to my blog from my Iphone - it just doesn't work.

So what does post 999 and an absent month bring here at BS5? Well here's a list of recent stuff:

  • Loads of Train action at Paddington (pictured) , St Pancras, Birmingham New St, and trains to London, Birmingham, Cardiff, Dorset and Devon.

  • Another year clocked up and now I am thirty feckin' eight!

  • A new pasta machine in my possession (thank you BS7)

  • Loads of sunshine

  • A charity Ball at HMS Drake in Plymouth (loads of fun)

  • Seeing my good friend Walshy at the above event

  • Going on a walk to hear Nightingales (the birders are getting to me at work!)

  • Becoming a Facebook tart

  • Increasing excitement at The World Cup

  • Making Pizza right from scratch

Post 1000 follows soon with a suitable BS5 moment! You know it's going to be a train vid'...


scargosun said...

Good to see an entry! Not that I should talk. I am not a daily girl anymore. World Cup excitement is wonderful. I will not be looking forward to the odd hours of games for us in the US though.

Suburbia said...

Surely there was more than that?!