Friday, 28 May 2010

One thousand and running..

I am just going to press on into my thousandth post and leave significant posts for significant events as they occur, rather than be pressed by the occasion of 1000.

I went for a run again today and I had really forgotten how much I enjoy it since I last ran regularly in January . It's a head clearer and a refreshing way to start the day . I am also enjoying 'the plank' again , post run! (That's where you get horizontal and balance on toes and forearms and remain flat for 30 seconds , or in my case as long as it takes the kettle to boil) . I hope to keep this running up and retain my stick insect gangliness into the summer .

Not much drama other than that here in BS5 this sunny Friday morning.

Bank holiday weekend to come (in fantastic company too) !


Suburbia said...

Don't think there is much danger of non retention of gangliness is there?!


Suburbia said...

Forgot to say, when SS had stick insects their legs sometimes used to fall off indiscriminately! Kinda like a good night in the Ruby I guess but lasts a bit longer!

cannwin said...

My husband came into the bedroom this morning and announced that he had gone running. I mumbled my congratulations (he hasn't been in about a month) and then he said "I can tell I haven't been in a while because my fat started itching."

Ah yes the joys of slacking off. If I remember correctly the itchy body is exactly why I don't run. I'd rather ride a bike.