Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Post 998, barking and bridges.

Blog Bs5 is close to the thousnad mark!

It's been a while since I blogged and I have been a Facebook tart for a week or so. Also my remote blogging from Iphone has stopped working.

Back to form with this one, I hope.

A week or so back I had a lovely day off with BS9 and we spent it pottering about in Clifton, a rather elegant part of the city. This is the Clifton Suspension Bridge (1864) and we wealked over it and back before having a spot of lunch in a nice sunny square nearby.

A day or so after that, we met this dog and his chatty owner. Improbably, the pooch was called Vincent!


D'ang said...

Also my remote blogging from Iphone has stopped working.

Or does that really mean ‘I pressed a wrong button and spazzed it all up’?

And indeed I heard you’d been taking an active role in the Facebook theater pages.

D'ang said...

Oh, and surely post 1001 will be just as exciting. Or 1010. Or 1011. Or 1100. Or 1101. Or 1110. Or 1111.

scargosun said...

I need a nice weekend like that. That dog is adorable.

Suburbia said...

A bridge, that's more like it!

Made With Love Designs said...

We're coming back to Bristol soon for a nosey at the new shopping centre.... we're stopping on way back from Somerset.. on 28/5 if you're around??