Wednesday, 14 April 2010

The SPI list

My Manila brother and I have an 'SPI' list of late - this stands for 'Shit pencilled in'.

It's a to do list, if you will.

Among the articles on mine:

Paint the bathroom walls
Decorate the hall
Synch' my Iphone properly
Tax the car....but this I have just done!

Get in.


dandelion said...

ahhhhh... last night i was complaining to d'ang that bs5 was becoming lazy blogwise. nice to see you back!

D'ang said...

...and of course right at the top of the SPI list... phone secondary adjuncts of 1 of 2 and set coordinates for Starbase Glewstone... yes?

Suburbia said...

Ticking off things from the bottom of the list first? How interesting!


(Please pencil me in for Starbase Glewstone?)

What's on your list D'ang??