Sunday, 13 November 2016

Rust Belt Blues (go Red)

What a week it was that just passed me by in BSFive.

Weeks back I booked the day off work for the US Election results, Tuesday into Wednesday, November 2016 . 

When Obama came in for his first term, I had followed it intensely, watching until about 03.00, when of course the critical call came about about 04.15 as I slept. When he ran for his second term I had booked the day off, but work asked me to waive it, which I foolishly did. 

For this one, unencumbered in so many ways in 2016, I came home from work, watched until about midnight and then woke again at 03.45. Then I sat glued until about 10.00 as the rust belt fell to Trump and the electoral college soundly eased Hillary out of contention and a future - the dynasty thoroughly rejected. I'm no Trump advocate but Hillary was, for me, the complete wrong choice for the Democrats - an insincere, out of touch sort, albeit experienced for the office but conceited and mercurial  as she thought she was on her way to it.

The tumultuous election was enjoyable to watch. A quick day back in the saddle at work and then Friday off as Walshy and Mike blew through on their way to Somerset. Four of us went out for ales and the carnage was just about manageable.

A fine week indeed of friends, foolishness and, just as an aside, the decommissioning of a post 1945 US global consensus? Drama! 

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