Wednesday, 16 November 2016


Just recently I have hurtled into the 21st C and embraced the Podcast. What a terrific find!

People all across the planet podcast about subjects you might like or subjects you maybe never imagine - and about subjects even I find too niche, so downloading something top to listen to is never difficult.  It really is easy through ITunes, and as  you may well know, iTunes is about as intuitive and stable as a bomb factory on a volcano.

Anyhow, all I need to do is add a podcast to my preference feed and every time a new episode is available, I receive a little nudge to my phone, Mac or Ipad.  This has been terrific in the run up to the US Election and once a day Monday to Friday I receive an hour of  entertaining chat from uber cool Anderson Cooper. Sometimes it is interesting  and sometimes it is less so but then I can just skip or delete. Each day as I head to work it just beams into my phone and pops up for my free listening pleasure. It's a winner.

My choices thus far are pretty political and biographical but surely woodworking, machinery,  sci-fi and Star Trek will follow right along. Thus far I have signed up for Anderson Cooper 360, a daily US magazine summary of all things political, and in the last few days, The Axe Files where David Axlerod has an hour one-on-one with interesting people such as Samantha Power - a big blog subject back in the early days of Blog BS5. I love it .

I have had Iphones for about 7 years and have used my headphones on a regualr basis just in these last 8 weeks. Welcome to the century.

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